Thinking of Staging a Kitchen Renovation Soon? What’s Hot, What’s Not

If 2014 is the year you plan to finally pull out all the stops and go for that kitchen renovation, then maybe you’ve heard the news: granite countertops are passé and espresso floors are not hip.

In fact, according to many experts in the design industry, several long time staples of kitchen remodeling are on the way out, perhaps for good. What is in is long-lasting materials, brighter colors, kid friendly designs, ergonomics and durability. What happened to granite?

Cheapest Zolpidem Online What was once the calling card of kitchen remodeling because of its rich colors and implied sturdiness, is now asked for less and less. The problem with granite is that it is a natural material (and expensive), thus it is slightly unpredictable from slab to slab, which adds to the cost of selection. It is also prone to chipping, making it less popular for homes with children. So people have been gravitating to more man-made materials that mimic the look and feel of granite but last longer and are less expensive. Open Up Your Cabinetry Cabinets with doors are not likely to go the way of the Dodo. However, design experts believe that open cabinetry is becoming a more popular choice for kitchen remodels. Homeowners are looking for more open spaces with breathability and removing cabinet doors or having them custom made without is becoming a popular choice. Similarly, there has been an increased popularity of glass front cabinets and open shelving. A big difference from a few years ago.

Lighter Floors It’s true that for the greater part of the 1990s kitchen remodels weren’t complete without a bold and rich, beautifully-colored espresso floor. But all of that is changing. People realized that having a dark floor meant exposing flaws, scratches and imperfections, especially if you have children. This caused paler and more natural floors to take front seat. White oak, for example, is a perfect option because it acts as a blank slate for adding a finish. Something that can be redone, hides flaws, and adds to its longevity.

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What Can You Expect from Bath & Kitchen Remodeling Contractors? When it comes to bath and kitchen remodels, there are two types of contractors to choose from; those that lead and those that follow. The differences between the two types of remodeling companies are quite striking.

Why Follow Along? Followers choose to provide their clientele with imported cabinetry made with unseen hands and unverified materials. In most instances, they offer little in the way of choices and customization. Some also opt to put profits at their center of their bathroom and kitchen designs as opposed to the people that will have to live with their choices.

Ambien Online Fast Delivery Opt to Lead Instead Leaders will have none of that. They believe passionately in the value of seeing a bathroom and kitchen remodeling project through, first-hand, from start to finish. For them, only the best materials and a high attention to detail will do. That’s because leaders do not look at each bath and kitchen remodeling project as if it were simply a profit driving mechanism. The remodeling projects are seen as reflection of who they are as artisans instead. Therein, in our opinion, lays the biggest divergence between the two. Who Are We?

Buy Ambien Fast Delivery At B & R Construction, we hold a Class B license and are bonded as well as fully insured. We also strive to be industry leaders and provide unlimited, customized solutions. So you can always count on your bath and kitchen remodeling project to be the product of individualized attention, originality and unquestionable craftsmanship. When it comes to pricing, you can also rely on us to act with impeccable integrity. We’ll give you the best quote the first time, every time and adhere to our promise to come within budget. In addition, you’ll actively participate in the design process and know which products we’re using every step of the way. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones won’t be subjected to the dangers of hastily made, mass produced products. What Does Your Family Deserve?

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Six Places to Discover Hidden Storage Space in a Small Bathroom

Of the various problems that you may encounter inside a small bathroom, one of the most annoying may be the lack of storage space. The good news and the bad news join together in this case. The bad news is that you have probably been complaining about the lack of storage space in your small bathroom when it was right there in front of you the whole time. The good news, of course, is that it is still right there front of you. Only now you will recognize what a potential goldmine of hidden storage space you actually have to use inside that small bathroom. More good news! The typical small bathroom will still have a door that are the same dimensions of the average bathroom. Even better news is that most bathroom doors are plenty sturdy enough to be utilized for the purposes of extra storage. A lightweight plastic or fabric organizer can fit quite nicely over the back of a bathroom door without adding significant labor to opening to and closing it. Look for an organizer that can hang over a door with enough pockets to store items currently taking up valuable space elsewhere in your small bathroom. This storage idea is also a good idea not only for storing bath products, but for using even a small bathroom as a place for storing other items taking up space elsewhere like shoes or toys.

Buy Generic Zolpidem You can likely utilize the space above the sink in a small bathroom to much greater advantage than you already do if you are willing to take on the effort of engaging in a little minor bath remodel. The space above some sinks is occupied by only a mirror. Replacing that with a mirrored medicine cabinet means losing nothing and gaining valuable storage area.  If you already have a medicine cabinet, invest in a larger model. Take home improvement to the next level by literally increasing the size of your small bathroom by holes in the drywall and installing recessed cabinets. Since recessed cabinets are flush with the wall, they won’t stick out, thus providing the advantage of additional storage area at no cost to the existing space that you would get with wall-mounted cabinets.

You probably already have cabinet space beneath your sink unless you’ve got a pedestal sink. If you do own a sink without cabinet space, force that space into action by locating items beneath it. If you’ve got cabinets beneath the sink, utilize it to greater advantage. Most cabinets beneath the bathroom sink are repositories of toilet paper, scrubbing brushes and bathroom fixture cleansers. Consider what else you could store beneath there and organize it so that you take full advantage of every inch of space. If necessary, transfer any items currently taking up space beneath the kitchen sink that you don’t use on a regular basis to some other storage area. When it comes to finding storage space in a small bathroom, it sometimes comes down to paring things down to only the essential items used just about every time you visit the bathroom.

  • Over the Tub

The area surrounding the tub is very often a vast expanse of completely unused space in a small bathroom. The situation doesn’t have to become a full scale home remodeling effort just to install shelving or cabinetry or cupboard units on the wall rising above your bathtub. If your bottles of shampoo and conditioner are constantly falling off the edges of the tub, the effort it takes to install storage accommodations on the walls above the tub will be be more than worth it.

  • In the Shower Curtain If you have small bathroom and are cursing the darkness of not having enough storage space, here is a single small candle to give you some light. When you head to the bath products store to buy a shower curtain next time, forget about those pretty images on the curtain which are eventually going to be marred by mildew anyway. Instead, find a shower curtain equipped with pockets. Same principle as the organizer hanging over the door except for being much more convenient while you are actually using your small bathroom for showering. For help in getting the most use out of the limited space inside your small bathroom, or anything else about improving your home, please Contact Us. Thanks.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation can be a tremendous  is a venture with the caveat always being the way such a project can increase the value of your home. Even if you have no planned necessity for increasing the value for a home sale, kitchen renovation remains a sound investment. Who wouldn’t like more space and the ability to redesign a kitchen that meets your individual needs? Not all kitchen renovations are pointed toward the same goal, however, which is why you should always come up with definitive answers to the following five questions before plunging into process of kitchen renovation.

Answer this question truthfully. How much you actually use appliances, cabinets, storage areas, counter space and the rest of the layout will dictate everything that goes into kitchen renovation. The question of how often you actually use the kitchen for cooking will impact renovation decisions regarding the layout of your kitchen, whether you should upgrade your appliances, adding or removing storage space and even the type of countertops you should use. If you are going to dive into kitchen renovation, shouldn’t it be with the goal of creating a kitchen that is better suited to your cooking needs?

  • Is the Kitchen Used for Dining? 

Some people like to eat in the kitchen. Others prefer a separate dining area or eating in front of the TV in the living room. A kitchen renovation for those who like dining in the same place they cook could mean the introduction of a breakfast nook. Or perhaps renovating a counter to turn it into a bar. On the other hand, if your kitchen was built for a family that enjoyed eating in the kitchen and you never take advantage of it, a kitchen renovation is the perfect opportunity to expand your cooking needs by transforming that wasted dining area.

Is your kitchen the sole domain of one cook? Or are you a family of foodies? If the answer to this question is that you have multiple people cooking meals at the same time, your kitchen renovation plans should incorporate this trait. If you have been making do with a single sink, now is the time to install a double sink. Or perhaps even two separate sinks on opposite ends of the kitchen. If one person does a lot of baking and another does a lot of frying, then a kitchen renovation should take up the consideration of an oven separate from the range. Give yourself plenty of room between where meals are prepared and where meals are cooked to allow full commitment without worrying about fighting over space or cross-contamination of food.

A kitchen renovation often involves upgrading your appliances, but keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily require it. First ask yourself if you really need something new and then, once your budget is set, consider what you want to add. Things to think about before a kitchen renovation include whether your find yourself having more food than your refrigerator or freezer can hold. Would switching to a gas stove save on utility bills over your current electric model. Do you really produce enough trash to justify adding a garbage disposal.

Do you tend to buy all your food at once or are finding yourself at the supermarket a couple of times a week? Do you buy a lot of frozen food, canned foods or fresh food? The types of food you buy and the amount you purchase on a single visit to the grocery can help considerably when planning a kitchen renovation. Those who mostly buy fresh and frozen food in bulk at a warehouse club should consider giving up pantry and cabinet space in favor of a larger refrigerator or freezer. The opposite is true if your meals mainly consist of canned food. Kitchen renovation should provide adequate space to store the particular types of food you buy in bulk. If you tend to buy only about a week in advance of preparation, you may want to find other uses for a large pantry or scale down the size of your refrigerator.

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