Testimonial: Jacquelyn R. Mason, Los Angeles

My name is Jacquelyn R. Mason. My Dad, James H. Mason and I were recent customers of B & R Construction and we are totally satisfied customers. Our family home is very important to us, and we trusted B & R to reconstruction a Master bedroom. They did a magnificent job. They are a company of their word. Before the job began, a B & R representative discussed in detail each and every aspect of the job from demolition, installation, to completion and clean-up. The B & R foreman and his employees were punctual, courteous and keep the work area very clean. The finished product exceeded our expectations! I would recommend B & R to anyone who wants to remodel their property with only the highest standards of quality and skill.

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Testimonial: Bert P. Arons, Los Angeles

https://wasmorg.com/2024/03/07/9gm9ci3 Roberto was always on top of things and when any questions arose he took care of them immediately if not sooner. He is truly a jewel and if I were to go back into business he would be my first employee. Since I am somewhat fastidious when it comes to picking up after a mess, I was pleasantly surprised when your men would show up at the end of the day and take away the trash. That was great. In addition, even at the very end when sometimes a lackadaisical attitude appears, your people were right on time and making sure that we were taken care of right up to the end. Thank you. If at any time you would like to bring people over to show them what you did, we would be happy to make the kitchen available. Our master bathroom is wonderful as well and was completed without incident and is open for inspection. Please feel free as well to have anyone call us for a recommendation and to confirm that we actually wrote this letter of satisfaction. If we ever need some work done in the future, and you know my wife, you will certainly be the ones we call. Without exception. Thank you Thank you Thank you!


Testimonial: Mr. & Mrs. Rick Fritz

Tramadol Online Overnight Mastercard A few weeks back your company helped repair our kitchen cabinents.The work done along with the services we received was prompt and courteous. The workmanship of the repair was excellent also. Thank you. Happy Holidays to everyone at … B&R Construction. Kindest regards.