Bathroom Remodeling Los Angeles: A Quick Guide The subject in mind for this bathroom remodeling los angeles job is a typical house with a “not as big as we’d like” bathroom. It might be in need of a better layout, an update, or greater energy savings. All of these can be incorporated without breaking the bank, although if you’re inclined to spend money, bathrooms usually recoup their cost.

Before starting the remodeling process, it’s important to ask a few questions: Who uses the bathroom most often? What is wrong with its current configuration (if anything)? How does it feel – its vibe? What’s my budget?

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Can You Order Tramadol Online Legally Who uses the bathroom most? What for? The answer to these two questions will make the scope of the remodeling job clearer. A high volume, all-purpose kid’s bathroom might mean more emphasis on the toilet and tub. A granite countertop would be the obvious choice for durability. Conversely, a seldom used guest bathroom might call for beautifully crafted floor tiles that will impress.

Order Tramadol Canada Small changes to a bathroom’s configuration can make it flow better. Easy-to-open cabinets make for less time getting ready in the morning (and less crowding). Well designed cabinets also conserve space and reduce clutter. A larger vanity allows more people to share the sink and mirror. If the bathtub is rarely used, consider replacing it with a standing shower and free up valuable floor space. Luxury shower heads once found only in spas are now mainstream; their prices are no longer exorbitant.

Painting the bathroom can change the tone (pun intended) instantly. A high quality paint made with environmentally sensitive materials will last for years. You can change the bathroom’s mood simply by altering its light – with a new fixture or by with new bulbs. Another easy way to reinvent the bathroom is by making small additions; a new towel rack, a decorative light switch plate, or a different colored shower curtain. You can replace an old toilet with a newer model and save money and water. Ditto for the sink, shower, and tub. Environmentally friendly models are now as comfortable as standard, classic models. Remodeling your bathroom can seem like an overwhelming project. It doesn’t have to be. Contact us at B&R Construction for expert advice tailored for your bathroom.

Remodel Your Small Kitchen For Greater Space Efficiency Remodeling a kitchen can an exciting and exhilarating experience as the old is replaced with the new. But how can you ensure that your small kitchen remodel project will turn into the kitchen of your dreams?

The thought of remodeling a small kitchen into an efficient, cozy space may leave you feeling overwhelmed. But by following some simple guidelines, your small kitchen remodel can be a successful one. Four main points to consider when redoing a small kitchen are storage, small appliances, proper lighting, and aesthetics. Let’s break each of these down for some ideas.

When considering storage, think creatively. Storing all of those pots, pans, dishes, and utensils may present a challenge. Consider installing pullout drawers and open shelves beneath cooktops. Additionally, ceiling hooks for pots and pans to hang neatly from a pot rack can eliminate that cluttered look. Installing deeper counters that can accommodate appliances and increase workspace can make a big difference as well.

With lighting being an essential part of the overall design, placing lights in strategic places can totally change the look and feel of a small kitchen. Use under cabinet and/or under the counter lighting to save space and illuminate small areas where overhead lighting cannot reach. This makes those areas now functional and workable. If the kitchen has a window, placing lights above or in front of the window will draw the eye outdoors and give the illusion of endless space.

When selecting appliances, opt for such items as smaller microwaves and other items that will not take up valuable counter space. Consider an electric cooktop that can also double as a countertop when not in use. A smaller dish drawer can take the place of a conventional dishwasher, even using less water, energy, and detergent. If your budget allows it, the Liebherr refrigerator at just 24 inches wide and 78 inches tall, can take the place of a full size model and free up even more space.

Select décor that also gives the illusion of space. Mirrored backsplashes, for example, can accomplish this nicely. For flooring, tiles that are installed with a diagonal pattern can make the kitchen seem larger. Use light colors and bold decorations to create an environment that is open and airy.

Tramadol Order Online Mexico A small kitchen remodel can minimize clutter and maximize efficiency with the above tips. Contact us for more innovative ideas and products to make your kitchen renovation project a success

Update your Home’s Interior with Modern Kitchen Cabinets! Modern kitchen cabinets provide an elegant and trendy twist on a well-known kitchen necessity. Recently Freshome Design & Architecture featured an article highlighting the latest techniques in modern kitchen design. The kitchens photographed all featured bold colors, light-wood floors, chrome fixtures, sleep appliances and unique, dramatic kitchen cabinetry. Modern kitchen cabinets are the necessary finishing touch on a newly-renovated room and, typically, such cabinet s are hallmarked by unique hardware, elegant wood tones or bold colors, unique shapes and sizes and sleek finishes. B&R offers a variety of brand name and custom made cabinets to fit your preferences for a sleek, modern look in your new kitchen. If you are also interested in an environmentally conscious addition to your kitchen renovations, than consider B&R’s green and environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets. This quality line of cabinets is a wise choice for the environment as well as for your budget. Green cabinets are manufactured at the company to ensure quality control and the authenticity of the product. They’re free of formaldehyde and available in a wide of colors, styles and wood tones guaranteed to match the rest of your kitchen.

To see a gallery of B&R’s modern kitchens click here. If you’re interested in knowing more about our green and environmentally friendly cabinets or would like to see the entirety of our quality and affordable kitchen inventory then contact us today. We are here to assist you with all your home improvements and guarantee your satisfaction with our products and your results.

Mixing Wood Tones: The Latest Trend in Los Angeles Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry

Order Tramadol From Mexico Darker woods provide a more formal and elegant look, while lighter tones appear more earthy and casual. Consumers who have a blend of formal and casual décor have often been undecided when it comes to choosing wood grains for Los Angeles kitchen and bath cabinetry . If you find yourself in that situation, you’ll be glad to know that it’s perfectly acceptable to combine light and dark woods together.

One of the more popular ways to use contrasting woods is by constructing a kitchen island made of dark wood and using lighter grains for cabinet facings. This helps give the kitchen a light and airy feel, yet breaks up the look to provide visual interest. A darker island also provides an attractive focal point and looks well with either a light or dark-colored countertop. Cabinets that appear to be freestanding units are popular in bathrooms right now. These cabinets sometimes have matching mirrors that hang on the wall above them. An excellent way to mix and match wood tones would be to include a cabinet made of whitewashed wood and then hang a mirror framed in maple or cherry above it.

In some cases, the base of a cabinet could be light wood and the drawer fronts or doors could be a darker one. This concept would also work well with open shelving when wooden boxes or wicker baskets are used to hold items. The shelves could be painted a light color and then darker accessories placed on them. You could also alternate between dark and light woods on a particular row of cabinets or use light tones exclusively on the bottom and darker ones on top. Mixing and matching tones does not always have to require the use of wood. A popular alternative to glass inserts these days is translucent mesh. Darker mesh inserts can be added to white or light-colored cabinets to showcase their unique design. Lighter mesh inserts might be better for cabinets that are painted dark hues of gray, blue or green. Designing kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be fun and adventurous when you mix things up a little. Your home is a reflection of your personality, so why not make it bold and exciting?  Our design team will be happy to talk with you about your remodeling project, so contact us today.

Custom Los Angeles Bathrooms Can Be Affordable

If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, then you’ve probably looked at designer showcases. There’s no question that the current design emphasis is on luxury–homeowners who go to the trouble and expense to remodel want something unique to show for it. But once you start inquiring about prices, you may come away shocked: luxury isn’t cheap. No, it’s not, but B&R Construction wants you to know that luxury can be affordable. Because we build our custom FSC Certified cabinets near our Los Angeles showroom, we’re able to keep transport costs down. And our design team works with you and our builders to create the most cost-effective remodeling plan for your space. As for luxury, take a virtual walk through our gallery and see: This clean, earthy design makes great use of the space with the freestanding bathtub between the vanities and raised vessel sinks. The glass blocks allow in light with complete privacy, and the modern tub design makes cleaning underneath it unnecessary, as opposed to old claw foot tub designs.

This design exudes luxury, from the golden accents, to the scrolled seat, the marble, the tile work, the glass-enclosed shower, the ornate wall mirror, and the recessed lighting. So much wood could overwhelm the space, but the light color makes it a perfect backdrop for the elegant appointments.

Purchase Tramadol Visa The stunning combination of rose and black tile work and the clever use of niches create an Old-World ambience in this bathroom. Every element, including the location of the faucets, the square window, the picture-frame molding and the glass shower, adds to the understated Tuscan luxury. Imaginative design and technical perfection in tile work combine to create one-of-a-kind bathrooms, no matter how much, or how little, space we have to work in. Best, our designers can create a virtual rendering of the completed bathroom for your approval before construction ever begins.

Buying Tramadol So don’t let fear keep you from exploring the possibilities of an amazing bathroom remodel on a limited budget. Contact B&R Construction to see what we can do for you today.