Cathy Zingale Sent by email… I want to let you know that Manny has been really great.  I’ve been really happy with B & R and as Manny as the “face” of B & R for me, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what he has done. He will see what needs to be done and makes sure it gets taken care of without me having to bring it up or nag about it.  He just knows what needs to be done to do the job correctly.

Tramadol Online Canada The garage is looking great.  I imagine you’ll be out to check out the final.  Thanks!

Amanda Fry

As seen on Angie’s list…

Can U Get Tramadol Online I was referred to B&R Construction by Bradco Kitchens where I purchased my cabinets.  I had a general contractors and just wanted B&R to install my cabinets because of their close relationship to Bradco Kitchens.  Since I hadn’t signed with my Contractor yet B&R asked if they could also give me a price on the entire remodel- I was basically tearing out the entire kitchen – moving walls and adding on to make the kitchen and breakfast area bigger.  I’m really glad I asked
them to quote the entire project.  Theydidn’t miss a beat in regards to including everything I really wanted – and when I questioned the contractor I was working with at the time about it he played dumb saying none of those things were included in his bid and would be additional charge if I wanted them.  Thanks Eli for being so diligent in your proposal.   I had a dedicated foreman, Manny, who I could call at any time and him and his  crew were generally  on time, on schedule and very communicative about their progress and how they were moving forward.  It’s never pleasant to have people in your house day in and day out but B&R certainly made this process as easy as possible.  I would highly recommend to anyone doing a kitchen remodel.

Wendy Schoef As seen on Angie’s List… My husband and I were looking at various places to get kitchen and bathroom cabinets when we came across Bradco Kitchens. We met with our designer, Rachel, and she recommended B & R since they have a good working relationship with them.
This was not our first remodeling project (although definitely our largest) and had started interviewing different contractors. We were a bit skeptical to go with B & R but after doing a quick online search we saw that they had been in business for awhile. Rachel let us know that B & R and Bradco work together as one team and introduced us to Charlie. We set up a meeting to get an estimate.
Before he even began, Charlie already had an idea of what we had wanted. Apparently he had talked to Rachel ahead of time. This made the process so much easier. The estimate was very thorough and gave a couple options that we hadn’t even considered and there was an itemized list with actual costs! Much different then some other estimates we’ve gotten from other contractors. We could tell that using B & R was going to be the right decision.
Before any real work was done, Manny (our foreman) and Eli (Manny’s supervisor) came over to inspect the structure and to make sure that the project could be completed within budget. They did have to make a couple of holes in the ceiling but let us know that they were necessary to make sure we didn’t run into any problems later. Once they did that, we got the go ahead.
Remodeling didn’t begin for almost a month, apparently you need to wait for just about everything to arrive before they’ll even start work. We were a little disappointed because we wanted to get started right away, but I guess its better than being in the middle of a project for even longer.
I have to give props to the team when they began work, they really did a good job creating a massive plastic barrier to protect the rest of the house. They even made doors with the plastic! Although, dust still seemed to find its way almost everywhere else. Guess that’s just the nature of a project like this. Next time, I’ll definitely take the time to cover anything I don’t want to get dusty!
All in all everything went pretty smoothly. Although I say that now, we did have several surprises along the way that at the time seemed like such a big deal, like some very old leaky pipes that did some damage inside the wall. Manny let me know as soon as they discovered it and went over our options.  Wasn’t too happy about having to spend more money, but the charges were reasonable and the repairs needed to be done. I guess it was better to discover it sooner rather than later. They even were very
reasonable when we changed our mind about the color of paint in the bathroom AFTER they had already painted (another charge I wasn’t happy about, but I know I wouldn’t want to paint the bathroom again for free either).
The bottom line is we’re very happy with B & R. Manny is super nice and all the guys were nice to my family, even when my son kept asking them a million questions while they were trying to work. Will gladly hire them again if we ever decide to remodel although why would we when we love our new kitchen and bath!
Whew… that was a long review. Hope it helps someone else.

Mary Endress As seen on Angie’s List… B & R Construction remodeled our bathroom. We also used them for kitchen remodeling couple of years ago. We are very pleased with them. They’re punctual, they stick to the plan and they’re very organized. I did have a couple of issues. They did two bathroom for us and in one bathroom the plug that they installed in the bathtub doesn’t work. They said it’s too difficult to fix. In the other bathroom, there was a big leak in the wall between the bathroom and the bedroom and even though they completely redid the bathroom, for some reason they completely missed the fact that there was leak in the wall. We noticed that after the job was finished, they came back and fixed that but not only did they charge us for it but I think there’s a lot of raw in the wall. We still have a problem even though we paid a lot of money to have the bathroom redone. It only made me semi satisfied. The people are very professional and very nice. I think the people that work for B & R are great, we’re very impressed with them. They tried very hard but those two things that they missed still really bother me. They’re very expensive, so for the price I was paying I would expect top notch service and for the most part I got, except for those two items.

John Bibi

As seen on Angie’s List… Remodeling of a kitchen and two bathrooms (long overdue) B & R Construction was the right choice. We bought all the materials at Bradco kitchens and this is their in house construction team. A major job well executed. On time and within budget. Thank you Jamie, Eli and the rest of the team. We also appreciate that they never let the dog escape. Daniel, the counter top guy needs to learn that noon is not 3 pm, besides some minor scheduling issues all went well. Jamie the supervisor has a great eye for detail and quality and pointed out some issues that neither myself or my wife noticed. Nice to see someone that is not afraid to criticize their own work and fix it right away. These guys are top notch and we are very satisfied.

Camille Mendez As seen on Angie’s List… B & R Construction, a company associated with Bradco is having amazing promotions going on right now in the month of April. Along with my decision to get new silestone countertops, they are also working with Thermador on another promotion, which can be combined with the no sales tax offer! Being a mother with a hungry family, I said why not in getting a new oven and dishwater. Calling B & R and inquiring about these deals, we scheduled a date for them to come in and check out my space. I got great one on one time with the contractor and designer who helped me decide which products I wanted for my kitchen. The great thing is that there are so many options to choose from! I decided to go with the double wall oven for our many gatherings at the house, and upgraded to a Sapphire touch dishwasher to clean the never ending dishes I seem to come into contact with all the time.
I loved how this project went well with the new countertops I was having done too in my kitchen. It took a solid 6 days for everything to get completed. Not only does my kitchen look brand new, but the appearance actually matches the reality of these quality products. Hurry up and take advantage of these promotions

Testimonial: Jacquelyn R. Mason, Los Angeles My name is Jacquelyn R. Mason. My Dad, James H. Mason and I were recent customers of B & R Construction and we are totally satisfied customers. Our family home is very important to us, and we trusted B & R to reconstruction a Master bedroom. They did a magnificent job. They are a company of their word. Before the job began, a B & R representative discussed in detail each and every aspect of the job from demolition, installation, to completion and clean-up. The B & R foreman and his employees were punctual, courteous and keep the work area very clean.
The finished product exceeded our expectations! I would recommend B & R to anyone who wants to remodel their property with only the highest standards of quality and skill.

Testimonial: Bert P. Arons, Los Angeles

Roberto was always on top of things and when any questions arose he took care of them immediately if not sooner. He is truly a jewel and if I were to go back into business he would be my first employee. Since I am somewhat fastidious when it comes to picking up after a mess, I was pleasantly surprised when your men would show up at the end of the day and take away the trash. That was great. In addition, even at the very end when sometimes a lackadaisical attitude appears, your people were right on time and making sure that we were taken care of right up to the end. Thank you. If at any time you would like to bring people over to show them what you did, we would be happy to make the kitchen available. Our master bathroom is wonderful as well and was completed without incident and is open for inspection. Please feel free as well to have anyone call us for a recommendation and to confirm that we actually wrote this letter of satisfaction. If we ever need some work done in the future, and you know my wife, you will certainly be the ones we call. Without exception. Thank you Thank you Thank you!