Remodeling Tips for your Small Kitchen

It’s common knowledge that the kitchen is the gathering spot in a home. Families spend time eating and talking there, and dinner guests have a tendency to congregate in the kitchen. The kitchen is used as an office, the place where kids do homework and the spot where exciting plans are made. Your kitchen is a meeting place, but if it’s small and cluttered you may not enjoy the time spent there. Maximize storage space and make the kitchen the most desirable room in your home with these remodeling tips for your small kitchen.

Lighten Up

Rooms with a lot of light feel bigger and more open. Include can or recessed lighting and, if practical, a skylight in your remodel plans. Also choose light colors for your walls and cabinets. Lighter colors make a room feel more spacious.

See Clearly

Consider glass doors and open shelves for some or all of your new upper cabinets. Reduce eye clutter by storing clear and light colored glasses, dishes and bowls in these cabinets, saving large platters, pots, pans and kitchen accessories for bottom cabinets with solid doors.

Keep it Simple

Choose simple designs for cabinets, lighting, window coverings and décor. Large appliances and ornate cabinet styles may be appealing in a large space but have no place in a tiny kitchen. Also, select a simple flooring style with flow such as large ceramic tiles or laminate, and consider having it installed at an angle; giving the illusion of a bigger room.

Add Storage

For extra storage incorporate a small island, extended cabinet or additional shelving above your refrigerator into your remodel plans, and have a pot rack installed. For odd shaped corners you may want to include a cabinet with a turntable or lazy Susan to keep utensils within reach. Remember, clutter makes a space feel smaller and will detract from your kitchen’s appeal.

Don’t let your petite kitchen keep you from entertaining friends and family. To turn your small space into the kitchen of your dreams, contact us for a free estimate. We have been serving Los Angeles and the surrounding area as a fully insured, bonded and licensed General Contractor for over 20 years.

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Cabinet Refacing in Your Kitchen: Deciding When It’s Worth Saving Your Old Cabinets

Cabinet refacing is a project that can spruce up any kitchen, particularly ones with old design cabinetry. Refacing is a cheaper alternative to replacing your entire cabinets. But while the steps in refacing are worth doing, you have to find out if it’s really right for your kitchen based on inspection of your cabinets.

Refinishing or Painting Over Existing Cabinets

This refacing process is the simplest because you don’t have to replace the door over the cabinet. Re-painting is recommended typically if your door design is still modern enough for your kitchen. A new color, though, can change the whole look of your kitchen and make the possibly retro design of your original doors look contemporary.

Replacing the Doors

If the design on your kitchen cabinet doors is too outdated for your taste, then refacing with new wood or laminate veneer is still an easy option. A hired contractor can help you choose the right cabinet facing you want. Afterward, the contractor will take the time to measure your cabinets so the new facing can be fitted correctly. Then a separate day will have to be scheduled for installation of the new doors. It could take up to several days, depending on how many cabinets you have in the kitchen.

The Savings

HGTV cited an owner of a cabinet refacing franchise with a reminder of how much savings can be had doing refacing compared to replacing kitchen cabinets. Some customers saved up to 50% when doing a refacing option. At the same time, it saved those customers from having their kitchen being unusable for weeks while cabinets were replaced. Refacing allows you to still use your kitchen for most tasks while the work is being done.

When it’s Time to Replace the Cabinets

Check the quality of your kitchen cabinets before considering refacing. If they’re very old cabinets, the chances are that they’re simply too deteroriated to make refacing an option. However, the same can be said of newer ones that were poorly built. The general surrounding frame of your cabinets have to be solid or your refacing project could end in the entire cabinet falling apart.

Here at B&R Construction, we’ll make sure your kitchen cabinet refacing is done right. We’re a design and build firm with a strong history of quality and meeting deadlines. Contact us for a consultation on your kitchen remodeling or any design and building project you need.

Cost vs. Value in Home Remodeling

The phrase ‘cost vs. value’ in home remodeling is how much value you can add to the home in resale value.  The main reasons for a remodel is for enjoyment and to make the room look better, but resale value shouldn’t be excluded.  It’s something you don’t think about, but when it comes to selling your home those extravagant renovations will not attract buyers.

Consider the following:

Neighborhood Location:  Home remodeling is about what you want, but the home needs to blend in with the neighborhood.  If there are no two-story homes in the neighborhood, for example, adding one can hurt the bottom line.

Geographic Location:  The region of the U.S. matters in home purchases.  That’s because it has an impact on what homes will have the biggest resale value on investments.  When you are adding home remodeling extensions or renovations consider the weather and U.S. location.  Swimming pools, for example, won’t work in cold areas, but the southern portion of the U.S. will appreciate it.

Reason:  What is the reason for the remodel?  If the reason is ‘because it’s outdated’ or ‘because it’s the latest technology’ it is considered a project and the value of the home won’t last as long.  That’s because the latest designs and the newest technology will become outdated as time goes on.  However, the reasons are different if it’s a home addition (garage, extra room, etc) or to fix a structure (roof, floor, walls, siding, etc).  The foundation and structural improvements to this projects has a bigger investment that will last longer because home structure never goes out of style.

Project returns on investment (POI):  The annual Cost vs. Value investment list is out, and it shows you common remodeling projects along with the return on investment.  It is divided into midscale and upscale remodeling.  According to the list, the fiber-cement siding replacement is number one for upscale remodeling.  A steel entry door replacement is number on for midscale remodeling.  Wood and composite deck additions, garage door replacements, wood and vinyl window replacements and a major kitchen remodel are the only ones that made the top ten on both lists.  Other ideas on the list are attic bedrooms, basement, roof, and bathroom remodels.

This is a different way to look at remodeling.  At the end of the day a remodel is done with you in mind.  If you want a return on investment, you have to think with the buyer in mind too.  Contact us for more information on remodeling your home.

Important Home Improvements- upgrading your home’s gutter system!

Most of us have a long list of home improvements that we rotate prioritizing. With all the possibilities of things to do it’s easy to forget about the importance of maintaining or updating your gutter system!

Half round gutters are a classic gutter style that adds functionality and traditional charm to your home. In addition to practicality and style there are a few other reasons to consider half round gutters for your home upgrade – if you’re in the market for a new gutter system or have recently put an addition on your home that needs gutters, consider these.

1) Half round gutters are durable and long-lasting: The curved, sturdy design of these heavily used gutters makes them both a practical and long lasting choice for almost any home. The shape allows for more even wear on the gutters and, if you choose a copper gutter (other common options are aluminum, steel and galvalume), the life of your purchase is extended even further due to coppers natural resistance to corrosion.

2) Half round gutters are ideal for environmental conservation: Half round gutters are ideal for water conservation efforts as the run-off can easily be directed into rain barrels or, the gutters can be complimented with rain chains that will funnel the water into barrels to be reused or used to water small gardens positioned at the base of the chains.

3) Half round gutters provide a simple, artistic design: As mentioned previously, if you want simple elegance than half round gutters are the ones for you. They offer a traditional finish to your home that is both refined and artistic.

Contact us for more information or to receive a consultation for your home from the professionals. Our customers are our first priority and we look forward to assisting you!