Use a Small Kitchen to Its Biggest Potential There are plenty of apartments, condos and homes with a small kitchen.  It’s a pain to maneuver around and stressful to look at.  For rental places it’s a waste of time renovating a kitchen because there’s a third-party–the landlord–that will disapprove.  That doesn’t mean there are solutions on how to make the most out of it. The Basics

Obvious tips like cleaning the kitchen and making sure it’s free of clutter is a must.  Use only the necessities and take unused appliances and junk to storage, place it in another room or get rid of it altogether.  What are left are the essentials.  This opens the space more and allows you to make the most out of the kitchen.  Make sure everything in the kitchen is organized.  Keep cans in one section, pots/pans in another section, silverware in another section, and so on. Multi-functional storage Storage that serves more than one purpose is a great idea for small kitchens.  Kitchen islands that offer storage and doubles as a countertop or dining table is a great idea.  Roiling carts that serves as storage and a chopping station for chopping and working is another great solution.  These items are a great way to stretch the space of the kitchen.  With rolling carts it can easily roll out of the way when it isn’t in use.

Use the Wall

For home owners that have small kitchens use wall space to add extra storage.  This is great for space-saving kitchen utensils that take up space in the drawer.  Most rental homes don’t allow nails in their wall, so for those people use wall storage that doesn’t mess up the wall.  There’s plenty of magnetic and sticky adhesive wall storage that will hang without the use of nails.  You can also hang baskets on the wall or under cabinets and shelves for more space.

Dividers Drawers are filled with junk scattered across the space.  Using drawer dividers will divide the space into boundaries.  This allows for more storage in the same drawer without making too many adjustments.  For example silverware will be in one section of the divider while wooden or metal spoons for stirring and serving will be in another section. You can’t change the way it looks, but you can change the way you see it and the way you interact in it.  Contact us for more information on small kitchen makeovers.

Designing a Small Bathroom: Design Ideas to Make it Look Larger When designing a small bathroom, most people who plan to spend extra time there probably won’t want it to stay true to size. While it might be necessary due to your own budget, you can create a very stylish small bathroom that looks larger with numerous clever design techniques. Many of these ideas provide tricks of the eye or affect you psychologically to give the illusion of more spaciousness. That’s always important for you and your guests to eliminate any feelings of claustrophobia in one of the most important rooms of your house.

Best Place To Order Tramadol Online Walk-In Showers

Where Can I Buy Cheap Tramadol Online Even if the overall space of your bathroom might be small, including a walk-in shower with a see-through glass door can open up extra space. While an open walk-in shower won’t afford privacy if you share the bathroom with others, it eliminates giving the feeling of barriers within limited room dimensions. The shower becomes a part of the room rather than becoming a closed off separate room on its own. Incorporating Mirrors into Cabinets and Walls Including as many mirrors as possible into a small bathroom always gives the illusion of depth. While simply hanging the mirrors on the walls works, consider placing mirrors on your cabinet doors as an alternative to eliminate the feeling of barriers. Also, having mirrors reflect other mirrors on the other side of the bathroom adds an extra depth layer that helps eliminate the feeling of the walls closing in.

Using Light, Neutral Colors

Adding white marble walls and tiles to your small bathroom also helps give the feeling of more spaciousness. Overly bright colors are the culprits in making a room feel smaller than it actually is. But when applying your light, neutral colors to the small bathroom, be sure to keep the color unified. Painting your ceiling the same color of the walls also gives a focus to the height of the room that also matters in the perception of roominess.

Tramadol Overnight Mastercard Adding a Skylight Unless you live in a completely private area, you likely won’t want windows installed in your small bathroom. The alternative to that is to install a skylight. This can bring in natural light to help a room look bigger. Having the sky up above you also adds an open feeling that affects you in a positive psychological way during your quality bathroom time. You’re going to need a quality construction company to implement all these small bathroom ideas. Consider B&R Construction to bring you a highly experienced and respected design team, plus a longstanding reputation for getting work done on time with no exorbitant upcharges. Contact us so we can discuss your small bathroom project. We’ll work closely with you to ensure we build exactly what you want and within your budget.

Choosing the Perfect Granite Edge For Your Kitchen Renovation

One of the most exciting moments in your kitchen renovation will undoubtedly be choosing your new granite countertops.  Homeowners, especially those who love to cook, value granite for its durability, its easy maintenance, and–of course–its gorgeous appearance.

When selecting your granite countertops, you’ll want to consider the color and texture of your cabinets, floors, and backsplash, in order to choose a stone that matches your decor.  But you’ll need to make another choice as well, one which seems like a simple detail, but actually has important implications for your space: granite edge. Granite edge is the shape in which your countertop edges are finished, and there are many varieties to choose from.  A few of the common options are straight edge, bullnose, bevel, ogee, and double ogee.  Each edge brings a different design note into your kitchen, so it’s important to spend time choosing the right one. The  straight edge is a popular choice with homeowners seeking a sleek, modern kitchen with clean lines.  However, the straight edges can also be rather sharp, so a family with young children or a small space might consider a  Tramadol Pet Meds Online bevel edge, which also features clean lines, but tempers sharp corners and edges with a small incline.  If safety is your first priority, then the bullnose edge is probably the best choice for you, as its rounded curve makes it more kid-friendly.

For a luxurious look, both the ogee and double ogee edges add a timeless appeal to your countertops with their delicate slopes.  These high-end edges look particularly nice in a kitchen with light granite (or even marble) countertops.

Contact us to learn more about choosing the perfect countertops for your kitchen renovation.

3 Tips to Consider for a Green Renovation before Hiring a Home Contractor If you’re an eco-conscious home owner planning a remodel, trying to figure out just what you can do to reduce the carbon footprint of your job is important. Renovation is in and of itself a process that generates a lot of waste, so making sure that the home contractors you hire can help you make your project as green as possible is important.

Here are three easy tips for an eco-friendly remodeling project: Dispose Responsibly: Especially if you’re taking down and putting up walls or structures, a renovation project can produce a lot of waste. In fact, construction and demolition make up about a third of all residential and commercial waste – meaning that recycling what you can is extremely important. B&R Construction makes sure that waste and debris generated during any renovation or demolition project is sent to certified recycling centers for reuse and recycling.

Make Use of Solar Power: There’s no counting just how much energy the sun produces, and how many ways you can harness it. We’re not talking about photo-voltaic panels here, we’re talking about designing your new or remodeled rooms to make the best use of natural light and heat. Los Angeles gets nearly 300 sunny days a year – in the winter, wide windows can mean lower heating costs, and the extensive natural light your rooms will receive means you can wait much longer to turn on your lights.

Be Aware of Your Fixtures: Fixtures like cabinets are often made using chemicals like formaldehyde and VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. These chemicals often are vented as gasses, which greatly lower air quality in your home – especially in often occupied or high-traffic areas like your kitchen and bathroom. B&R partners with Bradco Kitchen and Bath to produce and install chemical-free and FSC certified cabinets for your remodeling needs.

Whatever you plan to do with your renovation project, ensuring that both your home and the Earth end up better for it is important. B&R has helped Los Angeles homeowners bring out the best in their homes for over 20 years, and we’re proud to say we’ve been doing so responsibly and sustainably. For more information on how to ensure your next renovation project is as sustainable as possible, contact us today.

Innovative Ideas For Your Garage Remodel

A total garage remodel may cost some money, especially if you choose high-end cabinets and flooring, but the results will look great!!! Most homeowners have used their garages for car and junk (unused item) storage. Some have even taken the valuable floor space in their garage and turned it into another room. What if you changed it up and decided to make it a “high-end” recreational space; a home gym; or even make it a car restoration studio, if you enjoy working on cars. Whatever you decide to change your garage into, you can create an accessible storage for all the essentials, and still leave room for the cars, (or the at least for the time being). Once you clear the clutter, you can figure out exactly how much space you have available, then you can make the most out of your garage.

Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery Storage Systems

Perforated hardboard– One of the oldest walls systems that still works well today in the garage. The material contains holes in which you can insert metal hooks into to hang items (such as tools, bikes, sporting and exercise equipment).

Modular cabinet systems, includes both cabinets and wall-hung options, (which makes for a flexible storage system), and can accommodate just about everything that most people need to store. Flooring Options

Concrete is perfect for garage floor, because its hard and durable, and it can carry a tremendous amount of weight without damage. However you can upgrade and improve your concrete floor by painting it with a specialty floor paint, that creates an attractive, custom look.

Brightly colored floor tiles laid in a unique pattern make a strong design statement.

*Once completed your flooring will look exquisite; but it will also depend on how you maintain its cleanliness. Garage Mechanics

Lighting is simple. Putting up an overhead fluorescent light for general room illumination.

Ventilation on the other hand is not so simple. Your garage ventilation needs are directly proportional to the activities conducted in the space.

*Both will make your garage space livable and inviting.

Now that you have some ideas for your garage remodel project, B&R Construction, Inc can bring those ideas to life. The contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured, and standing by to assist you with your remodeling or renovation goals. Contact us for more information.