Demolition is one of those things that seems like it would be a breeze and many home owners attempt to do themselves, that is until someone or something gets hurt. Do you know how to fix something if it does get damaged? How do you dispose of all the waste?

B&R Construction has been carefully planning and implementing demolition for over 20 years. Before the first sledge hammer is thrown, there is a lot of planning that goes into demolition. What fixtures, electric outlets, switches, flooring, walls etc. need to be saved? Our experts know exactly what can and should be demolished, removed for future use or not touched.

We are also proud to let you know that all of the debris and material from our demolition projects is sent to a certified recycling center. Just think, by hiring B&R Construction for your demolition you’ll actually be doing something good for the environment and not adding unnecessary waste to our already overfilled landfills.