Three Quick Budgeting Tips for Working with a Los Angeles Kitchen Designer

As any homeowner knows, remodeling can be a long and complicated process. Not only do you have to figure out what new fixtures and appliances you want, you’ll have to gauge how well they work together, with the space you have, and how to integrate all this with your home as well – and that’s not even considering budget concerns! Whether all that’s enough to make your head spin, or you’re a seasoned remodeler who could use an extra set of hands, enlisting the help of a Los Angeles Kitchen designer can help you take your project to the next level.

With a professional interior designer on board, you’ll have much less to worry about. With a helping hand to assist you with deciding on the best form and function for your home and family, the only big thing you have left to worry about is establishing your budget. Here are three tips for drafting a budget for your next big remodeling project:

Know what’s necessary, and what’s icing: Be sure to know what your focus is. Every remodeler has a dream kitchen or bathroom in mind, but the dream budget to go with it is harder to come across. Knowing where you can afford to scrimp lets you splurge on what you really want.

Be conscious of the size and scope of your project: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the bigger your project gets, the more expensive it will be. Especially if you’re going to be taking out walls or adding anything that will require new wiring or plumbing to be set up, your costs are going to add up quickly. Working with the space you have instead of trying to completely rebuild it can both be more rewarding, and result in a design that works better with your home overall.

Have a buffer for unexpected issues: There’s no shortage of big and little things that can cause problems. Whether it’s a delivery error or the cat jumped on some setting tiles, sometimes a little extra time and work is needed. Make sure you have enough set aside to handle issues that might come up.

No matter what you have planned for your home, the professional design experts at B&R Construction can help you find the best way to do it. Contact us today to talk to one of our professional interior design experts!

The Latest Trends in Los Angeles Kitchen Cabinets

It’s no wonder that remodeling, renovating and decorating kitchen space is so popular.  The kitchen is a part of the home many people take notice.  It’s a place to bring people together to chat and relax.  Kitchens must remain top of the line because that is one of two areas in the home that is used the most (the other is the bathroom).  The latest trends should spark ideas as to making your kitchen beautiful, functional and comforting.  Take notice of what to do with Los Angeles kitchen cabinets.

Rift-Sawn White Oak Cabinets

The appeal of white oak cabinets is visually appealing.  Add the “rift-sawn” element and you got a cabinet that is aesthetic and practical.  Rift-sawn white oak is a stable board with a distinctive grain in the wood.  It takes light or neutral stains very well thanks to the durable, tight, straight, shrink-resistant and warp-resistant wood.  Blend this with the other decor and the results are extraordinary.  It brings a contemporary feel:  sleek and modern lines with few designs.  It almost looks futuristic yet maintains its natural luster.  The look makes the kitchen warm, open and inviting despite the white look.

White Rustic

Cabinets with the rustic look aren’t losing its charm.  The trend now is making white oak cabinets wire-brushed or limed.  The result is a blended concept of white rustic.  It’s brings an old charm to the kitchen.  It looks historic and authentic while giving off a contemporary feel.  It’s supposed to look like it’s aging with a two-tone and two-textured finish.  The cool finish isn’t supposed to go as far as looking ratty and worn down, but if you can pull off that look in the kitchen, the finish is astonishing.

Furniture Cabinets

It’s a broad trend because of the options, but furniture cabinets are in high demand.  Choose to have cabinets with furniture details, kitchen islands that act as a table, or freestanding pieces.  An example is to use an armoire to store kitchen utensils, silverware, tablecloths, table runners and kitchen gadgets.  Choose to add kitchen cabinets that pass for furniture.  No one will know that it’s a kitchen until it’s opened.  Choose to blend the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and appliances into the same furniture decor if you like for a pleasing finish.  It brings the feel of the living room into the kitchen area.

Overall the trends have something in common:  the understatement look.  Making a statement is yearning to be center of attention or craving a grand entrance.  Making an understatement is the opposite.  These patterns wish to blend in with the current pattern for a bright and uncluttered finish.  Fancy designs or cutouts wear out over time but looks like these will last longer.  Contact us for more information on kitchen cabinets.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Aren’t Complete Without The Right Hardware

Custom kitchen cabinets aren’t complete without the hardware.  Knobs, pulls and handles are small pieces of kitchen accessory that pulls the look together.  While its function is to open and close cabinet doors and drawers, it also adds style to any kitchen.  Each piece of hardware does something to the cabinet that the others don’t.  That’s why there’s a lot of variety.

Choose from custom-made hardware or one from a lineup of pre-made designs.  Choices range from the contemporary hardware with straight lines and simple designs to the bold and flashy hardware that makes more of a statement than the rest of the kitchen.  There are different types of knobs, pulls and handles to look over.  Circular knobs, triangular knobs, square knobs, ring pulls, pendant pulls, drop pulls, cup pulls and handle bars are available with designs as far as your imagination can go.  Be bold and go for curvy, long, wide, short, heart-shaped and diamond-shaped knobs, handles and pulls.  The one you choose will define how the kitchen looks.

Before committing to one piece of kitchen hardware, consider the following:

o   Grip size:  When you grip the handle, knob or pull, does it feel good to the fingers?  The space between the hardware and the material must be comfortable enough to open and close with ease.  Family members with large hands should pay careful attention to this.

o   Distance:  The distance between the hardware attachment point and the edge matters.  It should be installed in the place where you can reach the handle/knob/pull and not mess up the design.  It’s a good idea to test where the knob will go first before installation.

o   Versatile design:  To avoid changing hardware, find something versatile.  Regardless of how many times you change your kitchen these knobs will blend in with any decor.

o   Mix-and-match:  Pick two types of hardware.  Mix and match designs to create a look that’s completely your own.

o   Professional finish:  Unless you’re changing one set of hardware for another, let a professional install the hardware.  The last thing you want your custom cabinet to have is a bunch of holes.  These come from mistakes, or where you thought you wanted the hardware to end up.

These small accessories truly set the bar high for kitchens.  It brings a unique finish to any kitchen design and transforms the way you view the space.  The end result is going to be extraordinary.  For more information on kitchen cabinet hardware, contact us.

Looking for affordable kitchen and bath cabinetry in Los Angeles? Look no further than B&R!

“Custom” is often seen as synonymous with “expensive”, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re looking for affordable kitchen and bath cabinetry in Los Angeles, give B&R a call. We custom-craft cabinetry to your specifications, and our expert team of design professionals are ready to help you plan your dream kitchen or bathroom.

The secret to our affordable prices is keeping our manufacturing process as close to market as possible. With our manufacturing plant, just outside the LA area, we cut down tremendously on both shipping costs and emissions.

In addition, we operate the plant with the minimum amount of automation necessary. This reliance on handcrafting results in beautiful, unique cabinetry done by expert artisans, and reduces the cost of purchasing and operating wasteful machinery.

No matter what your budget is, our in-house design staff are here to help you build the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. They can help you figure out just what you need and how much you can afford to splurge on durable and timeless fixtures.

On top of all that, B&R is a proud pioneer in the field of green remodeling. All of our custom cabinetry is built from FSC certified wood and contain no harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and VOCs commonly used in wood glues. We also carry many different makes and models of cabinetry if you already had a specific cabinet in mind. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with your remodeling project.