Do I Really Need To Hire A Kitchen Designer? There’s no doubt about it, kitchen and bath remodeling can be a seriously dusty, dirty and gritty endeavor. Like any journey, much hassle and lost time can be avoided by choosing the right guide to reach your destination. In the case of a kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel, proper knowledge and planning can mean a substantial reduction in overall cost. Going with experience allows for the proper space planning in the kitchen and space planning in the bathroom to create kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets that are both useful and beautiful. A professional can foresee and avoid common problems, and can also help clients to prepare a sensible kitchen budget and sensible bathroom budget.
Rachel Pasterino, lead designer at Bradco Kitchens on Venice Blvd., a company that specializes in kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles and bathroom cabinet in Los Angeles stipulates that, “The knowledge a professional contributes can make an astounding difference in kitchen design and bathroom design. I find that my clients are pleasantly surprised by the wealth of ideas a seasoned kitchen designer and bathroom designer brings to the table when planning a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel.”
Kitchen design and bathroom design require a very specific knowledge of all the components such as the plumbing fixtures, kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops and kitchen appliances. When a kitchen designer or bathroom designer is seasoned and experienced this can have a serious impact on the budget of a kitchen remodeling project or bathroom remodeling project, savings the client thousands of dollars. Your kitchen and bathroom should be designed as a unique place that perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle. Going with a professional kitchen designer or bathroom designer guarantees that your Los Angeles home renovation is done properly the first time around, greatly eliminating costly changes and mistakes that can plague large home remodeling projects.

searching for the perfect kitchen? you need to start with the right designer.

searching for the perfect kitchen? you need to start with the right designer.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen for a New Year With Los Angeles kitchen cabinets Anyone who has ever thrown a party in their home, or who has hosted family or holiday get together knows one thing. At some point, the party will end up in the kitchen. No matter how elaborate the Christmas tree or how beautifully the dining room table is set, people are drawn to the kitchen, close to the food, the action, and the cook. The kitchen is truly the heart of many homes, the one room where things are always moving, whether it’s an ordinary evening at home or a special occasion. Isn’t it time you showed your kitchen a little love in return? Why not let our family business help your family make the heart of your home into a room worthy of all that attention! Our unique Los Angeles kitchen cabinets are award winning and green, and will make an ideal addition to your kitchen in 2016. Here’s why! B&R designers make your vision come to life. Our designers are highly-experienced, and they bring the know-how required to help make your vision come to life. We have as many designs as we have had customers, which means your kitchen will truly feel like you. Our kitchen showroom is full of ideas, we’re sure you’ll find one that strikes your fancy. From cabinets to counter tops, we offer full package design and build services customized to cater to every whim and desire

Tramadol Overnight Delivery Visa Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery Your B&R design can be carried out either by our own installers, or by the installers of your choice. We want to make your kitchen shine from start to finish, but if you choose to work with another team of installers, we provide detailed floor plans, perspective views and elevations. We know how important it is that the job gets done right, no matter what. We strive to give our clients the best remodeling experience possible, by individually tailoring each project to match each clients’ needs and personality.

Tramadol Hcl Online B&R has gone green ! We’re proud to use the best “green” materials that are eco-friendly. We are all becoming more and more aware of how important it is to consider our own environmental impact. B&R is doing our part to provide customers with the options they need for a brighter, happier future for everyone. With 30 years of experience, we have the expertise needed to create a beautiful, environmentally sustainable kitchen at a price you will love. We hope you contact us to discuss how we can bring the best cabinets in LA to your kitchen.

Non-Toxic Cabinetry for Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the biggest choices you can make while undertaking the process of making a change to the look of your home. This means that you have various choices to make, including the type of cabinets that will be installed. One option that you should consider is to use non-toxic cabinetry. An article that is found on the Green Conscience website talks about why a non-toxic kitchen is a good way that you can go green and help the environment.

Cheapest Tramadol Next Day Delivery “Green building refers to construction and renovation practices that use natural resources wisely in order to prevent damage to the environment and our physical health..” An important fact from the EPA is that indoor air is up to five times as polluted as outside air. This can result from many factors, such as building materials.

One aspect of your kitchen is the cabinetry. Cabinetry can be made from materials including wood and particle board with a wood veneer. However, the paint or stain used on the exterior of the cabinetry can include toxic chemicals. There is also the glue used to bind joints that contains urea-formaldehyde which has been shown to be a cancer causing compound.

Our cabinetry uses an adhesive that is non-toxic and is free of formaldehyde. This means that there will be no off-gas that is released. The wood that is used to construct the cabinetry is obtained from a forest that is being properly sustained and managed.

The finish that is applied to cabinets is water-based. This is important as a paint and stain need to have a water base to be considered green. Finishes that contain oils give off hydrocarbons which are not considered environmentally safe. If you have any questions about the use of non-toxic cabinetry for your remodeled kitchen, then contact us for additional information. You can also look through our gallery of traditional kitchens that will fit any budget, we’re sure you’ll find something there that inspires you.

What Are FSC Certified Cabinets? B&R Construction in Los Angeles is a family-run business that carries name brand cabinetry and also offers custom cabinetry at affordable prices. There are many reasons to choose B&R, and if you care about the environment one of the best reasons is that the company designs and builds FSC certified cabinets. The FSC–Forest Stewardship Council– is an international and independent (non-governmental) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world’s forests. The main FSC tools for achieving this are standard-setting and independent certification and labeling of forest products. FSC certification provides assurance that the earth’s forests are being managed to the highest environmental and social standards. There are two types of FSC certification: Forest management certification is the basic building block of the FSC system. It is a voluntary process for verifying responsible forest practices in all types of forests and plantations across the world. FSC Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certification traces the path of products from forests through the supply chain. FSC chain of custody is a tracking system that allows manufacturers and traders to demonstrate that timber comes from a forest that is responsibly managed in accordance with the FSC Principles and Criteria. B&R Construction has held a CoC certification since 2008. FSC Controlled Wood helps ensure that manufacturers and traders avoid material that comes from:

1. Illegally harvested forests; 2. Forests in which violation of traditional and                 civil rights occur; 3. Forests in which High Conservation Values are            threatened by management activities; 4. Natural and semi natural forests where conversion       occurs; and 5. Forests in which genetically modified                         organisms (GMOs) are used. B&R Construction cares about the environment, and about YOU. They manufacture your custom cabinets at their own facility, and offer a wide variety of stylistic choices and price options. In addition, B&R provides individualized and attentive customer service (unlike the big box stores). But B&R does much more than cabinets. They offer complete design services and a variety of products including tile, countertops, bathroom vanities and even kitchen appliances. If you’d like to find out more, please contact us.

Tell Santa That You Want A Los Angeles Bath Designer For Christmas This Year During the holidays we can find ourselves feeling dread at the thought of our extended family coming to stay with us and having to face the guest bathroom, which is in dire need of a makeover.  While “needing to make a good impression” may not be one of the top reasons to hire an experienced Los Angeles Bath designer, there are some very good reasons to think about giving yourself a new bathroom for Christmas this year. Increased Home Value

This is the reason that we most often think about when considering a bathroom remodeling project.  It has been proven that this is a great way for you to realize a solid return on your investment.  For every dollar that you invest, you can expect to see a return of about $.70. Another great reason to update your bath, especially before a sale, is that potential buyers will choose a remodeled bath over an outdated bath every time. For Safety Reasons

With many of us staying in our homes as we age, we are finding that the addition of safety features in the bath are very important.  From grab bars to non-slip flooring, there are many ways in which we can make our bathrooms safer for all members of a family.  Think about better lighting, solid built-in step stools for little feet, or maybe a seat in the shower. You can see how this type of remodel can help the people you love avoid falls, which are a common bathroom mishap, especially for the elderly.

Shop Tramadol Online It’s Time To Upgrade

Perhaps you have been living with a bathroom in real need of repair. Maybe you are dealing with leaking faucets, disintegrating tile work, or rotten drywall, and you are simply exhausted by thinking about the work that needs to be done.  Our busy lives can make it really difficult to take on these jobs ourselves, so they are often put on the back burner. A professional designer can really take the pressure off, and the experience they bring to the table allows them to present clients with ideas for function and beauty that they may be too overwhelmed to attempt on their own. With a little help from an expert, renovation can be a very different experience. Maybe the time has come to finally get it done.

Need For More Space

Once your kids reach their teenage years, all of a sudden there is not nearly enough space to accommodate everyone’s need for more time in the bathroom, especially in the morning.  Even the small addition of a half-bath can be the solution to avoiding many of these conflicts.  Another common reason to update is the need for more bathroom storage space. The addition of more cabinet space or shelving can be the answer to the persistent problem of bathroom clutter.

If you are looking for the best Los Angeles Bath designer available, one who can help you make your bathroom dream come true, ask Santa to contact us and we will put a sparkling new bathroom under the tree for you this year!

Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeling: Elegance and Affordability

The kitchen is one of the main areas of our home that can reflect our personality. It is where the family gathers to share meals, where couples create memories together and important ideas for the future are discussed. You may have a certain look for your kitchen in mind but aren’t sure who to turn to when it comes to designing and carrying out the final modifications; now there is someone who can help you realize your design dreams.

Los Angeles kitchen remodeling done by B&R Construction has you in mind. Not only are we a small, family run business but we care about the environment and you get customized customer service that is personalized and friendly. You can even see a virtual kitchen with your design in mind. This allows you to see what your new kitchen will look like and make any changes or alterations that you might see fit. We go from start to finish with you to ensure that everything is exactly what you want before everything is finalized.

We have a large range of custom and brand name kitchen cabinets, counter tops, sinks and everything to complete your kitchen’s final look, even kitchen appliances.

If you’re ready to be on your way to the kitchen of your dreams, contact us so we can help make those dreams a reality.

B&R Construction: your Los Angeles Kitchen designer

Remodeling a kitchen is not for the faint of heart.  From selecting a layout to choosing a cabinet style, Los Angeles kitchen designer B&R Construction can help you design, select and install a kitchen that is not only elegant and stylish, but affordable as well.

When you engage B&R Construction for your kitchen remodeling, not only are your cabinets built close to our facility in Los Angeles by quality craftsmen, but we employ green standards by reducing transportation costs associated with the big box stores and their cabinet suppliers.

Remodeling a kitchen is a great opportunity to reduce your energy and water consumption.  Over time, insulation can break down, faucets lose their efficiency and any window more than 10 years old is leaching warm or cold air, causing your heating and cooling bills to creep up. Installing or updating insulation against outer walls can reduce heating or cooling loss.  Replacing outdated windows also help with climate control in your home as well.  New low flow faucets and energy efficient appliances along with low voltage lighting and you could see a possible reduction in your energy costs of up to 15-20%.  Bamboo flooring is a great choice as bamboo is an easily renewable natural wood.  Updating to a green kitchen can save in energy usage in the long run.

B&R Construction can take you from design to final product.  Our staff will be with you every step of the way, helping you choose all of your items, from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.  Not only can we help create the kitchen of your dreams on a budget you can afford, but you’ll be doing your part to preserve our world’s natural resources and employ local craftsmen.  So contact us today to set up your exclusive appointment with a member of our design team.

Eco-Friendly Efforts Include Non Toxic Cabinetry

It’s a ‘win-win’ for homeowners that make the effort to seek out non-toxic cabinetry. Look for these important, environmentally-friendly elements in your custom cabinetry:

Tramadol Online Overnight Mastercard No VOCs

VOC-free, water-based finishes. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. Refer to these chemicals by their full name instead of an innocent-sounding acronym, and it’s easy to lose interest in using these toxic substances. Finishes containing VOCs can emit fumes for a long period. Those with chemical sensitivities will especially appreciate cabinets finished without VOCs. No Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is another substance that can be avoided in custom cabinetry. NAUF-type sheet goods expressly eliminate formaldehyde from the manufacturing process. NAUF stands for ‘no added urea formaldehyde.

Sustainable Hardwoods

B&R is proud to offer only FSC certified cabinetry. The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that promotes the proper use of our world’s forests.

For too long, various hardwoods have been promoted without regard to the impact that their harvesting is having on the environment. For example, old growth tropical forests is SE Asia are decimated in pursuit of certain hardwoods used in cabinetry. Hardwoods harvested from sustainable, managed areas are the Eco-friendly way to go. Recycling

Custom cabinetry can be fabricated in ways that minimize energy use and maximize the use of generated waste. B&R, for example, recycles all sawdust generated at its manufacturing facility. It is donated to the city where it is mixed with compost and used in city parks. Its custom cabinetry is fabricated close by, thereby reducing B&R’s carbon footprint even further. This offers an Eco-friendly alternative to cabinet manufacturers that may ship their product from thousands of miles away. Non-Toxic Cabinetry Grows In Importance

Concern for toxic fumes expands in an era of more airtight home construction. The intent of such building techniques is admirable. Air-tight construction techniques keep the heated or air conditioned air in. The downside is that it also can keep toxic fumes around as well. Especially in newer construction, custom cabinetry that is both VOC and formaldehyde-free is important.

There is no need to compromise quality. Finishes that are non-toxic are both durable and beautiful.

We take pride in our craftsmanship, sure. But, at the same time, we take our role in the stewardship of the environment seriously as well. We’d welcome the opportunity to learn about your needs and your project ideas. Please contact us today!

Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling Projects For The New Year

Mention home remodeling and visions of new carpeting, freshly painted walls, and new living room furnishings come to mind. But, somehow, one of the most functional rooms in the house, the bathroom, seems to get left out of the picture. Now, with a new year upon us, there is no better time than to replace those outdated faucets, fixtures, and cabinets.

Whether you decide to just make a few tweaks or go all out for that full remodel, you can easily turn that old dingy bathroom into a visually appealing, inviting environment.

For starters, replacing older worn faucets and showerheads with bold new fixtures can add some glimmer to the room. Another consideration is that the newer high-efficiency fixtures will reduce the volume of water used which can save you big on utility bills.

Since the sink and vanity tend to be the focal point of the bathroom, spruce things up with some newer designs which can change the entire look of the room. If you are planning to repaint the room, plan out your color scheme so that your fixture types and colors can be coordinated properly.

While often not considered for the bathroom, adding some stylish lighting can make a big difference in the overall appearance of a bathroom. Some possible choices include track lighting, sconces that hang off the walls, or bath bar designs.

After the major furnishings are in place, add some small personal touches such as scented candles, decorative pictures, and soap dishes can add a touch of flair.

For Los Angeles bathroom remodeling projects, B&R Construction has everything you need to turn your bathroom into a relaxing, therapeutic area. Contact us for more information on our complete line of bathroom furnishings and ideas for your next remodeling project.

Affordable Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry of Los Angeles

Your kitchen needs a makeover but where to start? The process of selecting cabinets from the big box stores can be both overwhelming and disappointing. The decision to invest in your kitchen is one of the more important upgrades to your home, one you will live with for a long time. Why leave it up to a sales clerk with limited knowledge and the big box guy, one size fits all, inventory. Find an alternative to these generic options with a family company that offers brand name and custom kitchen and bath cabinets. The choice for affordable kitchen and bath cabinetry in Los Angeles is B&R Construction


  • Both brand name and custom cabinetry
  • Their custom cabinets are manufactured at their own facility
  • Family run business with a commitment to personalized service
  • Custom cabinets are unique and affordable
  • Yes, affordable

Beautiful cabinets and custom kitchen cabinets are a great selling point but what you as a customer will be most happy with is the one on one service provided. Not everyone can envision the end product, that exact kitchen layout or custom cabinetry that is right for you. This is where the personalized service of B&R’s kitchen professionals kicks in. We won’t have a truck dump a load of boxes in your living room and wish you good luck. Instead we will go over your specific ideas, needs, wants, until you are confident that your new kitchen will be transformed to your satisfaction and delight.

Kitchen cabinetry may be the star of your home but tasteful cabinetry in the bath will be just as stunning. You spend more time in the bath than you might think, why not relax in a hot tub and admire your good choices. Custom cabinets, tile choices, pedestal sinks, vanities, the bath makeover is full of decisions. Have an expert bath designer transform your bath to the last detail.

Your new kitchen or bath is just around the corner. Choose a company that provides personalized service. Choose a company that provides custom kitchen and bath cabinets manufactured in their own facility at an affordable price. Choose a company that has the expertise and skilled designers. Choose a company that will make your friends wonder how you could imagine such a beautiful kitchen or bath.

contact us  and make the smart choice for affordable kitchen and bath cabinetry.