Thinking of Staging a Kitchen Renovation Soon? What’s Hot, What’s Not If 2014 is the year you plan to finally pull out all the stops and go for that kitchen renovation, then maybe you’ve heard the news: granite countertops are passé and espresso floors are not hip.

Buying Tramadol Online Cod In fact, according to many experts in the design industry, several long time staples of kitchen remodeling are on the way out, perhaps for good. What is in is long-lasting materials, brighter colors, kid friendly designs, ergonomics and durability. What happened to granite?

What was once the calling card of kitchen remodeling because of its rich colors and implied sturdiness, is now asked for less and less. The problem with granite is that it is a natural material (and expensive), thus it is slightly unpredictable from slab to slab, which adds to the cost of selection. It is also prone to chipping, making it less popular for homes with children. So people have been gravitating to more man-made materials that mimic the look and feel of granite but last longer and are less expensive. Open Up Your Cabinetry Cabinets with doors are not likely to go the way of the Dodo. However, design experts believe that open cabinetry is becoming a more popular choice for kitchen remodels. Homeowners are looking for more open spaces with breathability and removing cabinet doors or having them custom made without is becoming a popular choice. Similarly, there has been an increased popularity of glass front cabinets and open shelving. A big difference from a few years ago. Lighter Floors

It’s true that for the greater part of the 1990s kitchen remodels weren’t complete without a bold and rich, beautifully-colored espresso floor. But all of that is changing. People realized that having a dark floor meant exposing flaws, scratches and imperfections, especially if you have children. This caused paler and more natural floors to take front seat. White oak, for example, is a perfect option because it acts as a blank slate for adding a finish. Something that can be redone, hides flaws, and adds to its longevity.

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