Eco-Friendly Floors for Your Home Remodel

If sustainability is a priority in your home remodel, you’ll want to choose a flooring option that respects your environmental impact.  That’s why highly renewable materials like bamboo are such a hot commodity of late.  But there’s a whole host of eco-friendly flooring materials available for your remodel–here’s just a small selection.

  • Bamboo.  Because it grows very quickly, bamboo is an ultra-popular building material for eco-friendly remodels.  Even better, it’s now being woven into rugs that lend your room a warm, natural feel.
  • Ceramic Wood.  This floor may look like hardwood, but it’s actually made from porcelain tile.  The tile itself is composed of 85% recycled material, and unlike genuine hardwood flooring, it doesn’t require refinishing or shining.  This makes it a great, eco-friendly choice for your kitchen.
  • Cork.  Cork is another highly renewable material, and it also has excellent thermal qualities.  The fact that it’s hypoallergenic is just one more reason to consider it for your remodel.  New technology is making cork flooring more and more popular with homeowners, so you can expect to see a continued resurgence of this material.
  • Marmoleum.  If you’ve never heard of this product, it’s a compound of linseed oil, cork flour, rosins, limestone and wood flour that is then affixed to a jute backing for a non-toxic, all natural product.  It’s very easy to clean and actually becomes harder over time, so if you have kids in the house, it’s a great choice for lasting durability.

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