Spa Shower Inspirations for Your Bath Remodel

bath remodel is a great investment for your home, as it brings a high return on investment no matter where you live.  Even better, it’s a room you use all the time, so you can constantly benefit from the improvements you make.

Of any item in your bathroom, the shower is the one you use the most that has the greatest number of customizable options.  In fact, with a bath remodel, you can turn your shower into an ultimate spa retreat.  Here are a few helpful tips from Home and Garden Television.

  • Think outside the box.  You use your shower every day, but it can make a design statement as well.  Consider installing a frameless glass shower door, which gives the illusion of the glass floating with no support.  This is a great option for maximizing space in a small bath.  If you have a larger room, consider losing the door completely and opting for a curved tile entrance wall, which will keep your space open but still contain the shower water.
  • Customize your jets.  No spa shower is complete without a high-end shower head or extra jets.  Wall-mounted and hand-held sprayers are wonderful extras that enhance your shower and allow you to easily tailor your shower to the pressure and range that’s most comfortable for you.
  • Let there be light.  One of the newest trends in spa showers is chromatherapy, which uses colorful LED and halogen lights to relax or energize you, based on the colors you program.  You can start your day with bold colors to wake you up, and end it with gentle blues and greens to wind down after work.

You can trust the experts at B & R Construction to build the spa bathroom of your dreams.  Contact us to view samples of our elegant bathroom transformations.

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