Why you need a licensed contractor for your remodel

Ordering Tramadol Online Cod Your decision to renovate your house has come after some serious thought. You have decided which parts of your house are getting the overhaul, what look you are going for, and even your timetable for completion. Now it comes down to hiring your contractor. We know that the budget is a factor for you.


https://www.ibct-global.com/79arh7d It might be tempting to go for the cheapest estimate that comes through the door. There are many companies out there that might try to lure you in with low prices, but there are reasons why you need to make sure you put your investment into the hands of a licensed contractor.


https://infoavan.com/jb0vl5xaw8t 1. No chance of financial harm

https://www.deficitdao.org/2023/09/20/y7trkqel3hz If you employ the services of an unlicensed contractor who does not have worker’s compensation, you could be held liable should they injure themselves on your property. You might not realize this, but your homeowner’s insurance probably won’t cover the claim leaving you stuck with exorbitant medical bills. A licensed contractor comes in with worker’s compensation already in place.

https://brufaganya.cat/2020/10sjmzn7kp 2. Don’t worry about paperwork

https://www.bufete-albanes.com/2023/09/20/jfp2jqj66t Only contractors with a license and homeowners are able to get a building permit in California. If you get the permit as a general contractor, you take on all of the legal liability and your contractor becomes your “employee.” In this situation you become responsible for state and federal tax withholdings, planning, and scheduling of inspections. A licensed contractor is able to handle all of this for you.

https://calvosealing.com/a1ejct7ggwu 3. Protect yourself from job abandonment

https://fundacionfdi.org/2023/09/20/43mdcjs1a The reason that unlicensed contractors are able to give you such a low estimate is because they often do not plan to finish the job. A licensed contractor is held to a standard in order to keep their license. The Contractors State Licensing Board can help you if your job is abandoned or not satisfactory. You don’t get that piece of mind with an unlicensed contractor.

When you consider the real cost of going with somebody who doesn’t have the experience or expertise in order to get state licensed, the answer is obvious.

https://brufaganya.cat/2020/8w5juym6z Save yourself the headache. B&R Construction is  https://dinamizartj.com/m0k161x34n Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. CA License #688492.

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