Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Sleek, Minimalist, and Modern

You’re planning to update and upgrade your kitchen.  You want a kitchen that has the latest appliances and the cutting-edge in design.  Something to reflect your modern lifestyle, something that simplifies both form and function, while bringing out the best of both.

So if you’re looking for sleek and chic kitchen remodel ideas, consider some of these themes:

Modern: A modern kitchen is sleek and clean, with a heavy focus on hard, angular lines. Modern designs are often minimalist, and eschew ornamentation in favor of accenting the natural beauty of the materials and making small splashes of color – be it from kitchen-bound plants or a fresh meal – that much bolder.

Contemporary: While “modern” and “contemporary” are used interchangeably, there are subtle differences between the two that can make a world of difference when it comes to design decisions. A contemporary design, while retaining the sleekness and minimalism of a modern design, is much more accepting of organic shapes and curves and works really well with dark, earthy woods. For a lighter-colored contemporary kitchen, brightly colored chairs can bring new life to the whole design.

Transitional: Closer to traditional-style kitchens, transitional kitchens blend classic designs with modern materials. Transitional designs tend to be slightly more ornamental than their contemporary cousins, and have a strong focus on the clash of sleek, modern appliances with older-styled natural materials. Textured backsplashes and cabinets bring out the life in the transitional kitchen’s generally muted neutral colors.

If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, or if you’re still thinking about what cabinets, countertops, and applicances to choose, contact us today.

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