Affordable Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry of Los Angeles

Your kitchen needs a makeover but where to start? The process of selecting cabinets from the big box stores can be both overwhelming and disappointing. The decision to invest in your kitchen is one of the more important upgrades to your home, one you will live with for a long time. Why leave it up to a sales clerk with limited knowledge and the big box guy, one size fits all, inventory. Find an alternative to these generic options with a family company that offers brand name and custom kitchen and bath cabinets. The choice for affordable kitchen and bath cabinetry in Los Angeles is B&R Construction


  • Both brand name and custom cabinetry
  • Their custom cabinets are manufactured at their own facility
  • Family run business with a commitment to personalized service
  • Custom cabinets are unique and affordable
  • Yes, affordable

Beautiful cabinets and custom kitchen cabinets are a great selling point but what you as a customer will be most happy with is the one on one service provided. Not everyone can envision the end product, that exact kitchen layout or custom cabinetry that is right for you. This is where the personalized service of B&R’s kitchen professionals kicks in. We won’t have a truck dump a load of boxes in your living room and wish you good luck. Instead we will go over your specific ideas, needs, wants, until you are confident that your new kitchen will be transformed to your satisfaction and delight.

Kitchen cabinetry may be the star of your home but tasteful cabinetry in the bath will be just as stunning. You spend more time in the bath than you might think, why not relax in a hot tub and admire your good choices. Custom cabinets, tile choices, pedestal sinks, vanities, the bath makeover is full of decisions. Have an expert bath designer transform your bath to the last detail.

Your new kitchen or bath is just around the corner. Choose a company that provides personalized service. Choose a company that provides custom kitchen and bath cabinets manufactured in their own facility at an affordable price. Choose a company that has the expertise and skilled designers. Choose a company that will make your friends wonder how you could imagine such a beautiful kitchen or bath.

contact us  and make the smart choice for affordable kitchen and bath cabinetry.

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