Who Can Afford Custom Kitchen Cabinets? You Can!

Realtors and home-valuation experts agree that kitchen renovations can add the most value to your home. Up to 80 percent of what you spend on a kitchen remodel can be recouped if you sell your house. And the most effective kitchen renovation usually begins with the cabinets: “If you’re not sure where to start your kitchen remodel, the cabinets might be your best bet. Why? While cabinets may look like just a series of wooden boxes, they’re actually a major focal point for potential buyers.”

The problem that many homeowners discover when they try to replace old cabinets with new ones is that the available designs don’t fit either the overall look of the home or the new look of the kitchen. An unusual kitchen layout may also present a problem in getting cabinets that fit the space. Then again, you may have questions about the environmental impact of prefabricated cabinets.

This is where custom cabinetry comes in. At B&R Construction, our professional designers can show you a wide array of cabinet styles that can be custom-made to match your requirements. Because our factory is very close to our Los Angeles showroom, we can have cabinets made for you at prices far less than other companies that have to ship their products thousands of miles. And your price includes installation by our on-site construction company.

Furthermore, all of our cabinets are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, an international, non-governmental organization that promotes sound and beneficial use of forest resources worldwide.

If all this sounds good to you, bring your kitchen measurements to our Los Angeles store and let us show you just how reasonable it can be for you to have beautiful, durable, environmentally friendly kitchen cabinets in your home. Contact us with your questions today.

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