What does FSC certified mean and why should you choose FSC certified cabinets?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), founded in 1992, is a global, third-party entity that provides certification to companies that adhere to a set of strict social, environmental and economic standards in regards to sustainable design and responsible forest management practices. According to the Nature Conservancy, the “FSC conserves forests, respects the rights of workers and communities, and is good for business.”

Because the FSC is an independent certifier, they are not influenced by bias and are objective and consistent in their findings. To become an FSC certified company requires a lot of time in providing the appropriate documentation and undergoing rigid inspections. The principles a company must adhere to for certification are:

  • Prohibited conversion of forests or any other natural habitat
  • Respect of international workers’ rights
  • Respect of human rights with particular attention to indigenous peoples
  • Prohibited use of hazardous chemicals
    Strict adherence to all applicable laws
  • Identification and appropriate management of areas that need special protection (e.g. cultural or sacred sites, habitat of endangered animals or plants)

But all this is worth the effort, because to be FSC certified means that a company can truly claim to be sustainable. It is also a guarantee that the company meets the highest of standards for sustainable design. When you buy from a company that is FSC certified, you can be assured that the wood and wood-based products you purchase are sourced responsibly, preserving forest ecology as well as the rights of the people who live and work in them.

B&R Construction is proud to claim its FSC certified status and uses only FSC certified materials in the making of its cabinets and other interior products made of wood. Contact B&R today and be confident that your remodel is environmentally and ethically sound.

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