Use a Small Kitchen to Its Biggest Potential

There are plenty of apartments, condos and homes with a small kitchen.  It’s a pain to maneuver around and stressful to look at.  For rental places it’s a waste of time renovating a kitchen because there’s a third-party–the landlord–that will disapprove.  That doesn’t mean there are solutions on how to make the most out of it.

The Basics Obvious tips like cleaning the kitchen and making sure it’s free of clutter is a must.  Use only the necessities and take unused appliances and junk to storage, place it in another room or get rid of it altogether.  What are left are the essentials.  This opens the space more and allows you to make the most out of the kitchen.  Make sure everything in the kitchen is organized.  Keep cans in one section, pots/pans in another section, silverware in another section, and so on. Multi-functional storage Storage that serves more than one purpose is a great idea for small kitchens.  Kitchen islands that offer storage and doubles as a countertop or dining table is a great idea.  Roiling carts that serves as storage and a chopping station for chopping and working is another great solution.  These items are a great way to stretch the space of the kitchen.  With rolling carts it can easily roll out of the way when it isn’t in use.

Purchase Tramadol Discount Use the Wall For home owners that have small kitchens use wall space to add extra storage.  This is great for space-saving kitchen utensils that take up space in the drawer.  Most rental homes don’t allow nails in their wall, so for those people use wall storage that doesn’t mess up the wall.  There’s plenty of magnetic and sticky adhesive wall storage that will hang without the use of nails.  You can also hang baskets on the wall or under cabinets and shelves for more space. Dividers Drawers are filled with junk scattered across the space.  Using drawer dividers will divide the space into boundaries.  This allows for more storage in the same drawer without making too many adjustments.  For example silverware will be in one section of the divider while wooden or metal spoons for stirring and serving will be in another section.

You can’t change the way it looks, but you can change the way you see it and the way you interact in it.  Contact us for more information on small kitchen makeovers.

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