Top Five Home Additions for Return on Investment

Adding a home addition to your home?  Don’t take on any project.  Some additions are more of a personal touch; when it comes time to sell hardly anyone is interested.  Choose a home addition that will be more than just personal preference.  Choose a home addition that will pay you dividends in the future market.  While type of additions vary by region here are the five main additions you can add to any home to get a return on investment (ROI).

5.  Second-Story Level

Adding a second-story level is tricky.  It’s a great way to expand space upward.  There’s a whole new level of rooms you can add with a two story addition.  However, does a two-story house look out of place in the neighborhood?  Houses that stand out too much have a hard time selling.  Adding a second story in the right place can be beneficial.

4.  Laundry Room

Who doesn’t have clothes to wash?  A laundry room is exactly what homes need.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a actual room.  It can be a space in an unused part of the hallway or stored inside of an unused closet.  The laundry room also doubles as a storage area since there are shelves, drawers and cabinets to store items.  Once again it does come down to preference. A good idea is to use the current trend in the house and add those design touches to the room.

3.  Family Room

The family room is another word for home entertainment rooms and/or an updated living room.  It’s a place where the whole family can spend time together. Play games, watch TV and have a conversation. It’s a trend that is gaining momentum in ROI and you should add one to your home.  Make sure the family room is something preferred to you and potential buyers.  It should fit in line with market trends.  If the neighborhood doesn’t have a family room it may hurt your chances of getting an ROI. You can also use existing space to act as a family room.

2.  Garage

With the exception of some east coast cities like NYC and DC that doesn’t have space for garages because of how the houses are made, a garage is a must have item for any home. Most car owners don’t like parking their car on the street and a garage gives cars a place to stay.  While garages are made for cars it doubles as storage space.  Add shelves on the walls and store whatever you like inside.  If you don’t have space for a garage a carport is just as handy.  Even a driveway is better than nothing.

1.  Bathroom

There isn’t a home in the country that doesn’t need extra bathroom space.  A full bath or half bath is another notch on the ROI.  If you don’t have the space to add a bathroom use existing space in your house as an interior addition.  Bathrooms can fit into any unused space and look beautiful (whether walls have to be knocked down or not).  The best place to add a bathroom would be the master bedroom.

Home additions are added to benefit the current homeowner.  The homeowner must think about buyers too as they may want to sell their home one day.  That’s why a home addition must be added with strategy.  Neighborhoods, regions, design and buyer preference will make or break your investment.  Contact us for more information on ROI home additions.

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