Things to Consider for a Bathroom Remodel

With home value on its way back up in Los Angeles, now’s a great time to invest in a bathroom remodel. Not only are you updating an underappreciated room in your house, you’re also raising your house’s resale value in the long run. Here are some quick things to keep in mind when planning a bathroom remodel:

Budget: Always plan out a budget beforehand – not only does it take a lot of the stress out of the project, but you’ll also have a clear idea of what you really want, and what wasn’t really that important anyway.

Space Available: Budgetting the space you have available is just as important as making sure you have a good price range. Just because a new bathtub would look great in your bathroom doesn’t mean you have the space to fit it in. Make sure that your desired fixtures not only fit into the space, but also help the overall flow of the room.

Little Details: Small changes can have big effects. A new paintjob and tiling, adding or expanding a window, fitting in a larger mirror and changing the lighting can all make a dingy old bathroom look brand new. If you’re planning a full bathroom remodel, make sure that the new details all fit together well – it’s the key to a good room, not just a room full of good looking fixtures.

Most importantly, make sure the contractor you hire for the job is dependable, responsible, and professional. B&R Construction has been fixing up houses since 1989 and has a proven track record of finishing the job on time and within budget. We are licensed, bonded, and carry both liability insurance and workman’s comp.

Contact us today and get started on remodeling your bathroom.

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