Remodeling Ideas: Kitchen Cabinets

When remodeling your kitchen, the best and easiest place to start can be the cabinets. Often the focal point (because they take up the most space) in the kitchen, a simple upgrade or change to your cabinetry can change the overall design of your space. Changing the cabinets can also improve the functionality of the kitchen, offering more storage space easily masked by the cabinetry facade. Wine and spice racks, hideaway dishwashers and trash compactors, as well as dish, cutlery and cookware storage can be built in, allowing for more counter and wall space. Design style choice doesn’t have to be difficult, a simple change in color and cabinet door style can easily change the cabinetry in your kitchen. Here are a few kitchen remodel ideas:

For European styled cabinets, frameless cabinet doors easily give your kitchen a uniquely modern look. European design often features wider drawers and more accessible cabinets.

For Traditional elegance and a formal appearance, have crown molding added to your cabinetry.

Contemporary cabinets often feature darker, bolder stains and glass doors.

If you prefer a more antique feel, try  Rustic styled cabinets. This look is usually achieved with distressed wood or stains.

Transitional styled cabinets combine traditional and contemporary styles by blending recessed cabinet panels and flat frames.

All of these styles can easily tie into the overall design of your home while creating more space in your kitchen. Top off your remodel by painting the walls and having an island installed (if the budget allows).

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