If You’re Staying in Your Home, Remodel for the Future advises Contractor

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American can expect to move over 11 times in their lifetime. But if you want to retire in your current home, why not remodel it to take into account how you’ll live in your senior years. The following are some design trends that you may want to consider for aging in your current place.


If you want to keep a tub in your master bath, install accessibility bars to help you get in and out of it. A better alternative would to install a walk-in tub with a seat. You can also replace the tub altogether with a double-width shower. The shower floor can be level with the rest of the bathroom floor, and the shower doors wide enough to allow entry with a wheelchair or walker. A fold-down shower seat is an additional convenience.


You can minimize stooping and bending by installing dishwashers about six inches above the floor. A drawer-style dishwasher is easier to reach than one with a door. Microwaves can also go from their traditional place above the oven to a wall just above the counter. Lowering the upper cabinets by a few inches makes shelves easier to reach.

If you leave at least 47 inches of clear space around counters and cabinets, then you can easily negotiate the spaces with a wheelchair or walker. Finally, adjustable-height counters and sinks allows anyone to use these features.

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