Home Remodeling That Will Enable You To “Age In Place”

https://circulofortuny.com/gh6ax5xo7d As our population continues to age and reach retirement, more families are considering the best way to find a beneficial lifestyle that works for everyone involved.  For many this can mean a skilled nursing facility if there are health concerns and for others a retirement community may be the best choice.

There is another alternative arrangement that is fast gaining in popularity as it can be a great option for the independent senior who is happiest in their current home.  By making some home remodeling improvements with safety and mobility in mind, it is possible for anyone to “age in place”.

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https://dinamizartj.com/b6ut2ruk The Best Floor Plan


https://fundacionfdi.org/2023/09/20/1rw45f4 Ideally, the family can sit down together and discuss the necessary projects and those that can be consider a “wish list” item.  You can draw a floor plan or just make notes about where you need to make changes. Don’t forget to consider which materials you want to use in your remodel plan.


https://www.grupoalliance.com/2023/09/20/vc6oqup Kitchen Focus


This is commonly an important area in which to focus on safety and upgrades.  Keep in mind the possibility of mobility problems in the future and make sure the kitchen area is open enough to accommodate wheelchair access and counters are low enough to be functional.  Think about cabinet height and even something as simple as specialized drawer pulls for arthritic fingers.


https://infoavan.com/rs5juvfc https://www.foroacce.com/c8b1ll7 Bathroom Focus

https://prepnsell.com/blog/2023/09/20/y6o20b8ts Safety is the No. 1 priority for the “age in place” bathroom.  Today the options for shower and bath accessibility are many and often very stylish.  A bathroom on the main floor of the living space can be one of the best investments you can make for the senior.  In the shower area grab bars are a prerequisite and a bench can be an important convenience.

https://calvosealing.com/tw3me381n These are just a few of the areas to think about, the National Association of Home Builders has a comprehensive remodeling checklist to reference in order to help you with your design.  The upgrades you make, when done with an eye toward style, can mean a great boost to home values as the accessibility can be appreciated no matter what the age.

https://cafearabo.com/oqdyg4k0g1s We would love the opportunity to discuss your plan and the ways we can work to make your vision a reality.  Contact us today and let’s get started!

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