Green And Sustainable Is What It’s All About In Today’s Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Today our focus is often on sustainability options as we upgrade or remodel our homes.  This is an excellent way to add value to your home while also creating money-saving solutions that you can take advantage of today. As you are planning your new kitchen there are a number of areas where you can focus your investment to realize the greatest return. Energy Efficiency

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It’s the name of the game when it comes to appliances and lighting in today’s homes.  Look for the best possible Energy Star Ratings for increased efficiency and consider the addition of sky lights and windows that take advantage of natural sunlight.  When you re-think your energy needs, you may find that the second refrigerator in the garage is no longer necessary.  Downsizing frees up space, means less energy usage and you could save enough in the long run to offset the cost of the remodel.

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A useful addition to the modern kitchen is the designated area for recycling and composting.  From hidden bins that slide out of view under the counter to a built-in 3-bin system with removable receptacles. You can also add specialized storage for composting right in the kitchen.  These are all really positive additions to your green lifestyle.

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To avoid exposure to the Volatile Organic Compounds found in many paints, ask your designer about using VOC-free or low VOC paint on your kitchen walls. They are more environmentally friendly as well as being a healthier choice for your family.  The problem with paints containing high levels of VOCs is that the pollutant levels can stay elevated long after the job is completed.

Use Green Materials

Zolpidem Buyers B&R is proud to be a leading pioneer within the green building industry, which is why we offer a variety of recycled countertops.  They are scratch, stain and heat resistant and they come in many attractive styles.  These are the types of products that we sell that reflect our commitment to the environment. Contact us to discuss the latest green kitchen remodel ideas.  Our designers will work with you to ensure products are chosen to fit your green and sustainable lifestyle.