Custom Cabinets for Unusual Los Angeles Homes

Let’s face it; Los Angeles has some unusual homes. While we might not have the oldest homes in the country (that honor goes to some pueblo buildings in New Mexico), we certainly have some unusual ones. And with unusual, often adobe, older homes, there are no standard dimensions, angles or arrangements to the rooms. This means that renovations can be a challenge, and often result in the need for custom cabinets, Los Angeles.

Take, for example, a bathroom that might have started its life as another type of room entirely—perhaps a closet—or was added on later when the family “upgraded” to indoor plumbing. Usually toilet, sink and perhaps bath were the priorities for such a room, and cabinets were not even in the picture. Without undertaking a total demolition or expansion of such a small, make-do space, standard cabinets are unlikely to be of any use. Fortunately, we specialize in just such unusual situations. We can craft custom cabinets to fit in any available corner, or unusual niche, or under an older sink that’s a non-standard height.

Or perhaps you need some creative carpentry applied to your child’s bedroom, which once was part of the living area, but had to be subdivided to make room for an unexpected addition to the family. Space is already at a premium, but you do want to make sure that your child will have room to play, as well as room for the bed, a desk or table, and a chair. We can craft custom cabinets that will fulfill a multitude of uses as your child grows, and can fit into whatever space you have available.

We also have a lot of experience with crafting the perfect kitchen cabinets for older, unusual homes. In addition to being able to create custom cabinets in unusual dimensions, we can also match any existing décor, style or unusual elements of an existing kitchen. Our environmentally friendly, toxic-free cabinet materials are also perfect for storing food of any type.

So contact us today and let’s discuss your older, wonderful, demanding Los Angeles home, and how our custom cabinets might be the solution to your latest renovation challenges.

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