Create a Modern Look with High Quality Kitchen Cabinets If you seek a sleek, modern look for your Los Angeles kitchen remodel, it’s important to choose high quality kitchen cabinets that will tie your whole room together and help it strike just the right note. So what are the basics of choosing the perfect cabinets for your modern kitchen?  We can break them down into three main categories:
  • Wood Choice.  For homeowners envisioning a more dramatic statement in a modern kitchen, walnut and mahogany are two rich, beautiful woods that will give your room a contemporary flair.  Yet lighter tones can work as well, particularly in a kitchen that shows off sustainable materials like inviting bamboo cabinetry.
  • Order Tramadol Cod Overnight Delivery Door Style.  Perhaps the most important principle of a modern kitchen is dedication to clean lines, which is why the door style you choose should have very little ornamentation, if it has any at all.  Glass-front cabinets are an exception–they can add visual interest to the room while still staying true to the modern aesthetic.
  • Hardware.  Homeowners pursuing a modern look might wish to consider finger pulls instead of traditional handles and nobs.  These are cut into the cabinet doors themselves, allowing for clean, unbroken lines across the cabinet banks.  However, sleek, horizontal pulls in a chrome or pewter finish also make an excellent choice for preserving the modern tone of the kitchen. B&R Construction offers an incredible variety of high quality cabinetry for your remodeling project.  Contact us to learn more, and to browse our gallery of gorgeous modern kitchens.  You’re sure to be inspired!